Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band Play Along Series Volume 2


Announcing the release of Volume 2 in the popular Big Phat Band Play Along Series!

These books contain:

  • Nine Hot Big Phat Band charts from the recent releases “That’s How We Roll” and “Life in the Bubble.”
  • Mixes of the actual Big Phat Band tracks with your part mixed out so that you can play along.
  • Performance comments by Gordon Goodwin, along with co-authors Wayne Bergeron, Eric Marienthal, Andy Martin, Brian Scanlon and Bernie Dresel
  • Solo transcriptions
  • TnT 2 Custom Mix Software, which allows you to slow down or speed up the tempo, change the pitch, loop a section for specific practice and more.

Includes these exciting Gordon Goodwin Charts:

  • Does This Chart Make Me Look Phat?
  • Gaining on You
  • Garaje Gato
  • Howdiz Songo?
  • It’s Not Polite to Point
  • Race to the Bridge
  • Rippin ‘n Runnin’
  • That’s How We Roll
  • Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The BPB Play Along Books are written for alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone and drums. Wanna get a copy? Order right here at www.bigphatband .com or your local sheet music dealer!


Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band Play Along Series
(Book and CD)

  • Trumpet Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Wayne Bergeron
  • Alto Sax Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Eric Marienthal
  • Tenor Sax Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Eric Marienthal
  • Trombone Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Andy Martin
  • Drum Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Bernie Dresel

This awesome series features 10 big-band charts composed and arranged by Gordon Goodwin; a play-along CD with demo tracks; solo opportunities; transcribed solos in the sax, trumpet and trombone books; and performance tips and suggestions by Gordon Goodwin and his lead players! In the drum book, a question-and-answer session with Bernie Dresel and Gordon discusses aspects of big-band drumming. Chord changes for the solo sections are included in the saxophone, trumpet and trombone books as well as selected transcriptions of the solos recorded by various band members. In the drum book/CD, the original horn solos have been kept intact so the drummer can play off the soloists.

Trumpet Book: Wayne Bergeron… one-of-a-kind lead trumpet player! Alto and Tenor Sax Books: Eric Marienthal… the remarkable saxophonist! Trombone Book: Andy Martin… sets a new standard for jazz trombonists! Drum Book: Bernie Dresel… one of the most musical and well-rounded drummers on the scene today!


  • Count Bubba’s Revenge
  • Cut ‘n Run
  • Get in Line
  • High Maintenance
  • Horn of Puente
  • Hunting Wabbits
  • The Jazz Police
  • La Almeja Pequena
  • Swingin’ for the Fences
  • Whodunnit

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band Play-Along Series will allow players to make huge strides toward improving their big-band skills!


Play Along Series Volume 4: The Music of Gordon Goodwin

Flexible Instrumentation Book & CD C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Instruments

Nine Gordon Goodwin contemporary jazz tunes in a jazz play-along! This collection has parts for C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef instruments and includes a sample jazz solo for each tune that is written out for listening, playing and practicing. The included CD has both demo and play-along tracks. The demo tracks feature Gordon Goodwin, piano and tenor sax, Bernie Dresel, drums, Rick Shaw, bass, Willie Murillo, trumpet, Andy Martin, trombone and Brian Scanlon, alto sax. The demo track is a learning tool for the melodic concept, overall jazz style and the sample jazz solo. The play-along track allows a soloist or group to learn and perform with the rhythm section. Specific improvisation tips and suggestions are included for each tune. There is also a matching rhythm section book featuring piano, bass and drum parts.

Includes nine fantastic Goodwin tunes:

  • Count Bubba’s Revenge; High Maintenance
  • Howdiz Songo?
  • Jazz Police
  • Maynard & Waynard
  • Race to the Bridge
  • Rippin’ ‘n Runnin’
  • That’s How We Roll and The Very Best of Times

Rhythm Section Book & CD Piano, Bass, Drums, Mp3 CD

All the same great content as the Instrumentation book above, but specifically geared to the piano, bass and drum parts.


Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Jazz Duets For Saxophone

Saxophone Duet Book & CD

(Featuring Gordon Goodwin and Eric Marienthal)

Composed and arranged by Gordon Goodwin, these 10 saxophone duets are completely interchangeable for any combination of Eb or Bb saxophones. They can be played with a duet partner, or the CD can be used to play duets with either of these two great saxophonists. On the included CD, Duet part 1 and Duet part 2 are each controlled by dialing in or out the left or right channels of the stereo system. Gordon Goodwin plays tenor sax on Duet part 1 and 2, Eric Marienthal plays alto sax on Duet part 1 and 2. Gordon and Eric play together on parts 1 and 2. There are opportunities to improvise too!

Titles include:

  • Act Your Age
  • Count Bubba’s Revenge
  • El Macho Muchacho
  • Gumbo Street
  • Hunting Wabbits
  • The Jazz Police
  • La Pequena Almeja
  • Maynard & Waynard
  • Swingin’ for the Fences
  • There’s the Rub

Compositions by Gordon Goodwin

Most of Gordon’s big band charts are published by Alfred Publishing and can be purchased from your local sheet music dealer. But if you’re asking, here are some good options:
Alfred Publishing
JW Pepper

Gordon has listed many of his charts (including his 6 horn charts and all of his “older” charts) with Walrus Music Publishing.

Here at gordongoodwin.com, we offer you the chance to get some of Gordon’s lesser-known and more “exotic” compositions, available as PDFs or as printed copies:

  • The Leblanc Suite(Duet for two clarinets in three movements) Composed for Eddie Daniels and Larry Blank.
  • Three Stages for String Quartet
    Movement 1 Focus
    Movement 2 Contemplation
    Movement 3 Resolution

  • California Pictures for String Quartet
    Movement 1 Oakland
    Movement 2 Carmel
    Movement 3 Venice

  • Duet for Cello and Marimba
    $35.00—Temporarily Out of Stock
  • “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”for String Quartet