Joey DeLeon

For some time now, Joey De Leon has been super blessed to one, break into the L.A. scene, two, be a creative, driving force in the percussion diaspora and lastly, being able to become an architect in the musical tapestry of Southern California.

Joey graduated from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, where he holds a Bachelors Degree in Classical Percussion Performance. His hard work and dedication was rewarded where upon graduation was award the conservatory’s highest award in Musicianship.

Joey has been blessed to play Queen Latifah, Spanish Harlem Orch., Gilberto Santa Rosa, Joan Sebastian, Juan Gabriel, Kevin Eubanks, among many, many others.

Currently, he has the distinction of playing with not just one Grammy winner, but two Grammy winners, Arturo Sandoval and Poncho Sanchez.

He now has a new challenge; playing with the Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band. For Joey, this is bringing everything he learned in school all back. This Big Band arguably maybe the most diverse one in terms of all the different styles in music all together, something he is very proud to be a part of.