Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band Play Along Series
(Book and CD)

  • Trumpet Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Wayne Bergeron
  • Alto Sax Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Eric Marienthal
  • Tenor Sax Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Eric Marienthal
  • Trombone Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Andy Martin
  • Drum Book written by Gordon Goodwin and Bernie Dresel

This awesome series features 10 big-band charts composed and arranged by Gordon Goodwin; a play-along CD with demo tracks; solo opportunities; transcribed solos in the sax, trumpet and trombone books; and performance tips and suggestions by Gordon Goodwin and his lead players! In the drum book, a question-and-answer session with Bernie Dresel and Gordon discusses aspects of big-band drumming. Chord changes for the solo sections are included in the saxophone, trumpet and trombone books as well as selected transcriptions of the solos recorded by various band members. In the drum book/CD, the original horn solos have been kept intact so the drummer can play off the soloists.

Trumpet Book: Wayne Bergeron… one-of-a-kind lead trumpet player! Alto and Tenor Sax Books: Eric Marienthal… the remarkable saxophonist! Trombone Book: Andy Martin… sets a new standard for jazz trombonists! Drum Book: Bernie Dresel… one of the most musical and well-rounded drummers on the scene today!


  • Count Bubba’s Revenge
  • Cut ‘n Run
  • Get in Line
  • High Maintenance
  • Horn of Puente
  • Hunting Wabbits
  • The Jazz Police
  • La Almeja Pequena
  • Swingin’ for the Fences
  • Whodunnit

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band Play-Along Series will allow players to make huge strides toward improving their big-band skills!