GG The Franchise Killer

I did a pretty fun gig last month. I got to write some music for a new animated picture for Pixar Studios. You know Pixar, the studio that almost singled-handedly gave birth to the art of computer animation by producing a stream of remarkable motion pictures. Look at this list:

“Toy Story”
“A Bug’s Life”
“Toy Story 2”
“Monsters Inc”
“Finding Nemo”

Not too shabby, is it? Their next film is called “The Incredibles” and maybe you’ve seen a trailer about it –it’s about an over-the hill super hero and it’s pretty hilarious. It’s directed by Brad Bird (“The Iron Giant” “The Simpsons”) and there’s no reason to think it won’t continue the tradition of a Pixar film being great and making a pot of money. Except, they had to go and call me to write a little end credit music, which will likely doom the film to failure.

You see, I have this touch. Let me explain. Who’s the biggest comedy star in the world today? You could name a few people, but tops on most people’s list would have to be Jim Carrey. He makes hit after hit, then acts in a little film called “The Majestic,” where they call me to write the music (the jazz stuff anyway, the underscore was by Mark Isham). Well, people hated that movie. It did a little better on DVD and video, but tanked in the theaters.

What’s the longest-running science fiction franchise? Not “Star Wars” –before that there was “Star Trek.” There was the original TV series, then the 4 spin-offs, plus 6-7 movie versions. They decide to make one called “Star Trek Nemysis,” called me to do some of the score (Jerry Goldsmith did most of it; I did, once again, the jazzier stuff) and, you guessed it: the film dove right into the dumper.

Man! It’s hard to make a good movie. The process involves hundreds of people and takes years and years. One of the talented people on “The Incredibles” was composer Michael Giachinno (“Alias”) who wrote some great James Bondish themes that I was able to use in the suite I wrote to go under the end credits. So, when the film comes out this November, do me a favor and stay in your seats long enough to check out the final end credit crawl. Maybe together, we can break my streak as “GG THE FRANCHISE KILLER!”